Future updates!

The global game jam was a great experience and I met some really cool guys that recommended I upload the game to the website. It could do with some changes, so depending on the feedback I get here, I'll consider continuing development.

I have a few ideas for future updates such as:

More language support
The game is fairly straightforward I believe, but having extra languages should increase the atmosphere. It shouldn't take too long to translate the lines in the game, to other languages, but it's finding the people to do so which is difficult.

Further graphical improvement
I'm happy with how the art turned out considering I'm not a pixel artist, but there are some areas which need improvements, such as the toilet, and the sink.

A game like this is incredibly difficult to balance, I could do with putting more time in balancing everything, and trying to tweek the values. I think it might be pretty cool to add a menu to allow for value changes to be custom tweaked, for further challenge to players.

Updated UI
I love the font, but it makes sense to include more visual feedback to players regarding status changes. Status bars will be much more helpful to players to displaying their status values. I'm not a scientist, but I'm pretty sure it takes less time for the brain to process a bar than it is a number, that is constantly changing.

That's all!
If you do enjoy the game, and you want to see further development, with the possibility of Steam implementation, and social media sharing, leave a comment!

Thanks for playing,



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Jan 28, 2018

Get Strangers

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